Come to film in Moldova and get a return on up to 30% of the
expenses incurred on the territory of the Republic of
Moldova for the production of a fiction film, documentary,
animation, TV series, commercial product or music video.


Cash Rebate

“Film in Moldova” aims to encourage foreign film and TV productions to discover Moldova as an emerging filming destination. The purpose of this program is to promote Moldova as a potential filming location for foreign productions and encourage these productions to explore the country.


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Village Museum

Constantin Stamati Museum House

Colinele de Aur

“Magic” Sphere

“Capul de Pod Şerpeni” Memorial Complex

Bechir rock hermitage

Lower Prut river area

Dubăsari Lake

Why should you shoot films in Moldova?

Time efficiency & easy logistics

We are known as the country of 3 phone calls. Little to no bureaucracy. Easy to obtain filming permits. Easy customs procedure.

Closer than you think

Positive oriented: The trip to Moldova from anywhere in Europe will take you maximum 3 hours by plane.

Talented Staff

Invested people, not afraid to break a sweat.

Soviet Time Machine

We got plenty of filming locations, full of soviet-era atmosphere: architecture, bunkers, statues, monuments, and much more, all with well-preserved details.

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